6 VR games to replace physical exercise

One of the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic are gyms and fitness clubs, which will remain closed at least until mid-April. The need to spend time at home not only does not encourage physical activity – a key factor in maintaining good health. The solution to this problem is a set of exercises available on the Internet, which can be performed in front of the mirror… Or special games in virtual reality, which encourage you to move. Especially for you we have prepared a list of six VR games that will make you love everyday physical activity!

Beat Saber

A dynamic VR game, available on Steam, in which you use a light sword to cut through the visual representations of songs flying in the background. Beat Saber evokes associations with the phenomenal Dash Geometry – the look of the levels changes depending on the chosen music, and thanks to the dynamic gameplay, you won’t even get away from the controller for a moment! The creators of the game have prepared, among others, a challenging campaign, as well as a ranking of the best players, in which you can face your friends. The biggest disadvantage of Beat Saber is the small number of levels – new levees can be bought as DLC.


Making music by… kickboxing? In addition, in virtual reality? Sounds awesome! Soundboxing in a creative way combines dance and martial arts. The player’s task is to simulate kickboxing blows according to the order of the soundtrack, or to invent the music himself. The game offers interesting challenges, as well as the opportunity to upload your own music or search for it on Youtube. The players praise Soundboxing above all for its immersive gameplay, as well as the great possibilities of creating your own levels.

The Climb

Rise to the top and touch the ceiling of your living room in The Climb! The game is a pretty realistic climbing simulator that allows for solo or multiplayer gameplay! The Climb offers several modes: classic climbing, where you climb the slopes of the mountains, bouldering, i.e. covering extreme routes on time, and hiking mode, i.e. simplified, casual climbing. The game also allows for joint climbing with other players. Reviewers praised The Climb for, among other things, great quality graphics, which stands out from other VR games.

First Person Tennis

A tennis simulator available on Steam. But don’t be fooled by the simple, even banal name – the game offers a huge amount of content, including a network multiplayer and the ability to play two people on one console! While playing First Person Tennis, you can take part in tournaments, special game modes, as well as face your friends and see who turns out to be the champion of virtual tennis. The game works well as a couch tennis simulator.


If you ever wanted to feel like Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen, Holopoint is the title for you! The game has many interesting gameplay modes, in which the usual shooting at the target is varied by various obstacles and attractions. The great realism of the game and the incredible satisfaction from hitting the target has won the hearts of players from all over the world.


Virtual boxing fun is ideal for those who want to practice shoulder muscles. The game was created under the supervision of fitness experts, who took care of the high quality of exercises available in the game. BOXVR allows up to twelve different types of training, under which you can put your own music. If you are looking for a way to lose a few unnecessary kilograms, BOXVR will help you to motivate yourself to achieve your dream go!